Asami casting jigs 60g silver and anchovy , very strong hooks

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Rapture Asami Casting Jig

The aerodynamic shape reduces friction during launch maintaining a stable, able

to achieve extreme distances.

Asami Jig also excellent action in the water and can be recovered regularly or jiggati


Ideal for spinning from the shore, on the docks or rock from the beach, as well as for the

spinning offshore in the surface layers, on mangianze or even vertical jigging light.

The main prey are sea bass, Jack, Jackfish, Barracuda and greenhouse ground, skipjack,

alletterati and other pelagic fish from the boat in the presence of a showy mangianze

afloat. All jigs are supplied with original VMC hooks, linked via a split ring forged for maximum strength.

Available in 6 colors and 4 different weights

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