Bay reef Special IKA 2.4 100g light black bream and squiding rod

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Two section rod made in perfect “Japan style” to satisfy the demand from the experts of vertical squid fishing,

especially using Ika Fishing lures, but also the small jig’s rigs on short arms (Tataki Fishing). Beyond these techniques,
the rod is completely suitable even for Tenya Fishing (a combination of heavy head and natural bait) for
a series of bottom prey such as scorpion fish, common pandora, gilthead bream and sea bream, but also moray
and conger eel. Its action is able to convey the perfect movement to the lures, but also to preserve the squid’s
tentacles from breaking during the retrieve. The right coexistence of sensitivity and strength is guaranteed by the
innovative Spiral Tip System on the final part of the top section. Designed to handle weights up to 100 grams,
it is fitted with Sea Guide guides with PVD no-corrosion frame and SiC ring.
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