CASSIOPEA NXT SURF 200g and 250g available

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New headline Cassiopea for 2023

Top range Trabucco surfcasting technology applied to this rod

At last a 250g version available for the UK market with Fuji top range kit and Tubular tip

Blanks made from CX Nano Carbon with very low resin content •

Fuji Alconite guides with tangle free, stainless steel K frame design, fixed by double wrapping to seal the feet against saltwater intrusion •

Improved Twist Free technology with tighter pitch structure • 45° carbon sheets on joints to achieve a perfect action curve (X-Joint) •

Tubular carbon top section with glowing finish (FH Rip Tip) •

Exclusive, ribbed rubber butt grip for total casting control

New Cassiopea NXT takes advantage from latest generation Twist Free. It counteracts torsion in the blank, protecting it from breakage but mainly increasing casting distance and accuracy, because the longitudinal carbon fibers and rod’s guides keep their alignment during the cast.
Fuji KWAG guides with Alconite ring and tangle free stainless steel K frame, all fixed by double wrapping to seal their feet.

Strength, accuracy and reliability are at the highest level, with the original Fuji Long Nose DNPS graphite reel seat.

Slick Surface blank finish that repels moisture and water drops, thus avoiding line sticking.

The exclusive ribbed rubber lower grip ensures excellent control of the rod, while the rounded knob relieves the load on the groin, when the support is necessary

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