Circle hook light gauge Shrinken Metsu 5114

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The best quality light gauge circle hooks on the market

Specific for safe release of fish while fishing, they are lighter than the Mutsu Circle 5163, but they share
with it the very high percentage of catches and the exceptional grip and hold properties,
making the strike almost not required
Thanks to the Circle design, they are perfect for Catch &
Release, because their point always leans in the corner of the mouth, without damaging the
deeper, more delicate parts.
Quantities per pack dependant on size see listing

202-20-004 6/0 5 per pack
202-20-006 4/0 6
202-20-007 3/0 6
202-20-008 2/0 7
202-20-009 1/0 7
202-20-010 1 8
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