GNT Black E. Head*QuickDry 8/Round 55 45 30 4x8 landing net

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Today the match fishing has become so specialized
to require the meticulous adaptation of the
equipment to expected fishing conditions, and in
this sense the landing net is no exception. Apart
from the commercial carp world, which has its own
characteristics, the regular circuit offers situations
ranging from small canal
bream to large river chub,
passing through all the
intermediate scenarios, each
one of them has the right net

head within GNT collection

Trabucco Landing net

GNT Black E. Head*QuickDry 8/Round 55x 45 x 30 4x8

Aluminium Frame

New series 2018

Series of heads that combine the
extreme respect for the fish with the
match fishing needs, primarily the
drag reduction once in the water

A soft net that dries quickly, characterized by
mesh with rounded corners and by a top
edge of nylon fabric, in turn supported by
the aluminum sandwich frame.

The central block acts as a handle to lift the important
fish without holding the net’s pole

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