Heraklion Pro Deep 3.0m 500g boat heavy ledgering rod

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It’s a wonderful mix of power and sensitivity, obtained through a wonderful CX1 Micro Pitch High Modulus

carbon blank, which in the top area assumes a progressive flexibility, essential for the bite’s detection.
The rod can be used with fixed spool reel in deep bottom fishing, but also with the electric reel in toughest conditions.
The maximum weight usable decreases with the increase of the vertical distance, so the lighter model (Pro Deep 500) at 500 metres has the limit at 500 grams, which raise to 750 grams at 300 metres and to 1 kilo at 200 metres depth.
The more powerful version (Pro Deep 750) has directly proportional limits to those of the sister series: at 500 metres the maximum load is 750 grams, becoming 1000 when fishing at 1000 metres and 1300 grams on 200 metres depth.

Sea Guide SiC guides feature the frame protected against corrosion by the PVD process (Physical Vapor Deposition). Handle is made from hard EVA, with long fore grip, screw reel seat and gimbal butt, protected by a rubber cap.

The Pro Deep follows the latest trend regarding fish retrieve from deep water, and is able to satisfy the most demanding Red Seabream anglers.
The classic risks of missing or mouth cutting while rising from the seabed are totally cancelled, thanks to progressive parabolic blank, which absorbs perfectly the typical “heads” that these Perciforms display during their ascent from the depths.
The top section provides ultra-sensitive perception of the most timid touches, even at hundreds of meters below our boat.
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