Invictus SW H 8000 heavy duty fixed spool reel for poppers and slow Jigging.

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Trabucco invictus sw h 8000

If you’ve ever had a nuclear-powered missile at the end of your line like a Giant Trevally, you have an idea of how important the reel is, beyond the strength of the line,
the rod and the angler!

Then, if the chance was with braided line, with its lack of stretch which does not help then picture is complete.

The idea of loosing the lure after such a fight is acceptable, but the reel must come out unharmed.

That’s why we fulfilled our Invictus SW with stainless steel, hardened aluminium and shielded bearings:

We want it to become a faithful companion to your fishing trips, to be carried around the globe for many years,

In the fantastic EVA casing supplied with it.

And if you fish in the Mediterranean, you won’t miss strong battles with Tuna and Bluefish, fouled by lures retrieved at supersonic speed to be credible enough.

In this sense, the Invictus knows how to be useful, with its meter of line brought in by every handle turn, without smudging and without hesitation, thanks to the
handle directly operating on the drive gear and thanks to its oversized knob.

If spinning is your technique, you will opt for 6500 size for lightness and speed; if instead you are passionate about vertical techniques, the size 8000 will solve all the problems with the greater capacity of the spool and the reduced gear ratio, which converts into a superior cranking power.

• Ultra stiff metal body
• Aluminium V-spool design for increased
casting distance
• Spool assisted by 2 ball bearings for
smooth drag performance
• Stainless steel main shaft and main gear
• Oversized aluminium Power Bail with Anti
Twist line roller
• Sealed drag with carbon and steel disks
• Stainless steel sealed ball bearings
• Permanent one-way retrieve (no antireverse)
• Cross Winding system for a perfect line lay
• Power Drive screw lock CNC handle with
fighting knob

033-99-065 6500H 490 5.9:1 (105 cm) PE #4.0 - 370 m 20 kg 7+1
033-99-080 8000H 510 4.9:1 (94 cm) PE #5.0 - 330 m 20 kg 7+1

033-99-066 Spare Spool 6500H PE #4.0 - 370 m

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