Loomis and Franklin Predator fly fishing rods new 2017 . 8 wt to 12 wt

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Fast actioned, high-modulus IM 7 carbon fibre blanks with a grey finish for 2017


Tried and tested all over the world with the toughest of fish .

Built in Taiwan to Eurpean and American highest satwater standards

One year unlimited warranty

Ultra reliable medium fast progresive blanks and ALP SIC guides and reel seat

Top quality cork handles-

Tasteful matt aluminium screw reel seats-

Ceramic lined high quality SIC stripper ring- Hard chromed alloy snake rings-

Full wells handle on 9 with fighting rod butts-

4 piece construction for convenient storage and easy transportation-

Supplied in a strong cordura rod tube

Rod guide here

12 wt

The 12-weights are definitely the traditional big tarpon hunter’s weapon of choice. While there’s plenty of argument on whether or not a 12 is still a 12, you’ll find plenty of 12-weights in guide boats across the Keys. While it’s pretty clear that most tarpon fisherman have shifted to lighter rods, here are 3 good reasons to go with a 12-weight:

  • You already have a 10 weight you like.
  • You’re also planning a trip for sailfish or big GT in the near future.
  • You’re going to a well-known big tarpon destination like Costa Rica or West Africa.10 wts

10-weights can also give you a lot of advantages when you’re tarpon fishing. They are light enough to cast all day and make a more delicate presentation than a heavier rod. If you’re an experienced saltwater angler, and you’re fishing for tarpon in clear water or high pressure environments a 10-weight is the way to go. What’s the downside to a 10? It’s harder to land a big fish, and it’s easier to break than the heavier rods. If you’re fishing outside of the US for 150+ lb fish, you may want to think about lining up.

8/9 wts

A good saltwater 8 or 9 weight rod needs to be strong enough to fire 40-60 foot casts into a hard wind, and hit 80-100 feet with ease in calmer conditions. But it also needs to be extremely accurate, and delicate enough to present a fly to spooky tailing bones at 25-30 feet. It needs to have a securely locking reel seat that won’t work loose with larger, and heavier saltwater fly reels. A full wells cork grip is our preferred style for power casting and playing good fish, and it helps a lot to have larger guides that the inevitable line tangle will pass through when you are playing that bonefish of a lifetime. The Loomis and Franklin rods are also marketed for powerful fresh water fish and big flies for Pike .

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