Loomis and Franklin Specialist Competition Boat rods long cast IM12

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The Loomis & Franklin IM12 Stillwater Competition series was designed from years of experience of fly fishermen dedicated to demanding Stillwater fisheries. When fishing from the shore at large lakes and dams, there are often enormous casting distances to reach the cautious, larger fish.

Therefore, the Stillwater Competition rods were made significantly longer than conventional fly rods. Thanks to their length, you can, on the one hand, move your line further from the ground and, on the other hand, keep larger amounts of line in the air. Ideally, you combine these rods with shooting heads or heavy weight-forward lines to exploit the full potential of the powerful blanks.

Whether you’re fishing streamers on the Sink tip, with buzzers on long leaders or with small Mayflies on the surface: If you like fishing for strong trout on lakes, then the Stillwater Competition by Loomis & Franklin is a cost-effective solution for you. These special rods, which are tested from A to Z on their practicality are characterized by a clean design and a great price-performance ratio.
The high-quality IM12 carbon fiber offers tremendous power and the fast, progressive action allows long casting - even in high winds. Other features of the IM12 Stillwater Competition series include an aluminum reel seat and a quality cork grip.
All rods are delivered in a Cordura rod tube with sheath.

The Stillwater Competition series is simply not an all-around rod. However, they receive a clear recommendation from us for their specific application on the lake!

By the way:
Also this rod series is well-suited for one-handed fishing for smaller salmon due to the combination of length and line class!

Powerful rods for open waters and lakes
Medium speed action with fast recovery speed
IM12 carbon fiber blank
4-piece construction
Slim chrome guides
Aluminum reel seat
Delivered in Cordura rod tube with rod sock

Choice of 3 lengths

A n request of the European market Sandro Soldarini has developed the STILLWATER COMPETITION, a line of fly fishing rods specifically designed for lake fishing. These rods will allow you to easily make long roll cast, a fundamental casting technique in all those situations where you have little space behind you to.

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