Oval wire Cage feeder 30g 2 per pack Trabucco Airtek small size

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trabucco airtek Oval cage feeders 30g small size

Feeder built around a metal cage (Wire Cage) which reflects two main features that enable it firmly stick to the bottom, allowing to use it even in the presence of strong currents:

the high weight/volume ratio and the low profile of the body

Best performance are also granted when it’s used in the still waters, such as lakes or canals,where the bottom is extremely steep and other feeders are in danger of rolling down to the depressions.

The flexibility of the connecting arm to the fishing line damps the stress of the strike, while its end surrounds the swivel, protecting it from shock and removing the risk of tangles.

The product, coloured in camouflage green, comes in four sizes and is presented in an elegant blister containing two piece


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