RAPTURE DANCER FROG 45mm 7g weight internal rattle, great for Pike in the spring sale price

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Frog imitation with hollow collapsible rubber body. So realistic and so effective for surface fishing, it casts very well and, once in water, it moves very naturally. Silicone skirts imitate the legs without creating snagging problems, so you can use the frog between weeds.

The chemically sharpened double hooks are so strong to allow to literally “extract” fish from heavy covers.

The body has an internal rattling system to increase to the max the attracting power, specially when it lands on thick covers or hits reed’s walls. Nevertheless, the rattling system is removable to increase lure’s buoyancy and visibility above water.

Available in five colours, each one in three different sizes: 45 mm x 7 g, 55 mm x 14 g and 65 mm x 16 g.

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