Rapture Aggressor net pro large 2 section 1.8 m 50 x 40 net size PIKE/SALMON

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084-51-610 Aggressor Pro Net L 2 Sect 50x40 cm 180 cm

Part of a wide range of predator landing nets made with no compromises
and designed for whom are looking for the best

Perfect to target oversize predators both in fresh and saltwater, Aggressor-
Pro are designed to offer performances, practicality and to last
over the time.

The frame is entirely built with anodized 6063-T6 grade
aluminium, light yet strong, with ABS joint parts and rubber inserts.

The head is shaped with the use of a strong aluminium profile to reduce
bending and increase resistance.

Whilst the mesh is made from soft TPR rubber with a 3D design, extremely resistant, totally “hook-proof” and
perfect for the “catch & release” offering optimal protection for fish.

• Frame entirely made of anodized aluminium
• Joint parts made of shock-proof ABS plastic
• Ergonomic handle - with retractable handle
• Soft rubber TPR 3D mesh with flat bottom
• Hook-Proof mesh perfect to be used with
trebles and for the “catch & release” offering
optimal protection for fish
• Perfectly floating – it lies flat on the water
• Resistant to elements – perfect to be used in
freshwater and saltwater
• Available both with 1 section handle or telescopic
2 sections.
The handle frame slide inside the head thus to reduce size during the transport.

The ABS blocks guarantee a firm grip in all conditions and a secure
fixing of the net head with an handy push-button system

With the same system is used also on the SECOND PART OF THE HANDLE
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