Selector XS stillwater feeder rods 10 foot 50g ML 3 tips

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A real feather in your hands, this fantastic hyper-parabolic designed to face fine
stillwater fishing, able to handle thin hooklengths and bring the fight to a positive
end by gently driving the fish to the landing net. When fishing at short distance,
the Selektor XS Stillwater is almost indispensable, because it shows an amazing
ability to absorb the impact of the strike and the first, powerful run of hooked fish.
In essence, an ultramodern tool which Trabucco brand enthusiasts waited and
welcome with high interest. The CX1 carbon structure consists of two or three
sections, depending on the model; the handle is made from natural cork with two

EVA grips. Three interchangeable quiver tips, all made from carbon

152-58-300 10’ (3,00) 155 2+3 ML 50

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