Single lure hooks for hard Plastic lures . Heavy gauge for bigger fish Shrinken S 75m large eye 1/0 AND 2/0 SIZES NEW FOR 2019

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Specialist Japanese hook to be able to change the trebles on your lures and spinners for single hooks with micro barbs

heavy gauge perfect for bass lures

10 per pack they feature flat ends and larger eyes

Size 2/0 new 2019 150mm lures

size 1/0 new 2019 180cm lures and above.

size 1 is suitable for larger lures 120mm and above
size 2 is suitable for 90mm to 120mm
size 4 medium spinners and lures 60mm to 90mm

size 6 for 30mm to 75mm
perfect for single tube fly's and waddingtons as well
small micro barbs

Once these hooks find a hold they have superior holding and hooking power compared to trebles

extremley lighweight they also increase the action of the lure
please look at separate listing for smaller lighter sizes
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