Super Nova GR NEW 2020 beach and surf 430 and 470 130g to 200g

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2020 development of Trabuccos most successful rod of 2019

Main reason for an upgrade is a major improvement in the twist free technology first invented in the XT version

This prevents the load being dispersed and making a 3 section rod like one big blank

• Blank made from Super High Modulus CXN Nano Tek carbon (Low Resin Content)

• Twist Free technology applied on butt and middle section to contrast torsion, increasing casting accuracy and distance • 45° carbon sheet on joints to achieve a perfect action curve (X Joint)

• Fine and ultralight metal ring reinforcing the top end of lower sections • Slick Surface blank finish that repels moisture and water drops, thus avoiding line sticking

• Hybrid Tip made with the insertion of spineless solid carbon tip into tubular part, obtaining an extremely sensitive section

• The final part of the tip is coloured with hi-viz paint and reflective tape •

A special rough paint has been applied to the joints to provide grip during the assembly and dismantling operations

• Ultralight Sea Guide SiC guides with Titanium tangle free K profile frame; single leg guides on solid tip

• Each guide is fixed by double wrapping to seal the feet against corrosion and salt

• Fuji NS size 7 plate reel seat with rubber lining to also accommodate large size reels

• Exclusive butt grip made from ribbed rubber, with round butt cap to ensure a good grip during the cast


In spite of the thinness of their blanks, these four rods display an impressive responsiveness , governed by Twist Free technology to avoid dispersion of even a gram of the power delivered by the user. The unusual lengths, 4,30 and 4,70 meters, following the most recent trend and respond to the growing need to use very long hooklinks, sometimes even in the range of two meters


It is the missing link between a beach ledgering rod and a surf model, and, thanks to its lightness, it is ideal for Nage Japan Style fishing, which involves ultra-thin braided lines, Tenbins and very long hooklinks. With its special sensitivity, the Supernova Beach solves the situations of low turbulence, which inevitably make the average size of the fish go down, while the difficulties of bite detection definitely rise.

BUTT CAP The exclusive ribbed rubber lower grip ensures excellent control of the rod, while the rounded knob relieves the load on the groin, when the support is necessary


The SiC guides encourage the use of braided lines,
while their super lightweight Titanium frame frees the
blanks to develop its whole reactivity. Quality is Sea

Guide, of course
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