Super Nova XT Surf and Beach solid carbon tip autumn 2020 offer

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Brand New for 2018 sometimes a rod comes along which redefines a brand.

Trabucco Surf has been going more and more towards the lighter end of the surf-casting sport.

Suited for the Med this of course is logical but these rods have a great role to play on the beach in the Uk as well, making it a fun way to take Smooth Hounds and Ray in the Summer, Flats in the Spring and Whiting in the winter.

Designed for the x8 Nage surf casting Braid.

Available in 200g 160g and 130g (beach) 4.7 m and 4.3 m lengths.

Brand new 3 pieces surfcasting made in the measures a 4.30 and 4.70 in Carbon Super High Modulus CX2 Nano Tek Low Resin with low content of resin.

• Carbon structure and Super High Modulus CX2 Nano Tek Low Resin Content, low content of resins
• highly reactive and powerful (Fast Reaction Blank)
• Base made with a technology Twist Free that is opposed to the torsion, thereby avoiding wasted power and protecting the raw
• The joints are wrapped with carbon at 45° to obtain a curve of perfect action (X-Joint)
• The external covering of the sections Zero Friction Blank, which repels moisture and drops of water, preventing the accession of the line on the barrel
• Top Hybrid Tip, and the inclusion of pure carbon tip full without insert on the top section , getting a section extremely sensitive

Blank made from Super High Modulus CX2 Nano Tek carbon (Low Resin Content)
• Extremely responsive and powerful blank (Fast reaction blank)
• Made lenght 4,30 e 4,70 with casting weight 130 g
• Butt section made with new Twist Free technology to contrast torsion, avoiding power loss
and protecting blank’s integrity
• 45° carbon sheet on joints to achieve a perfect action curve (X Joint)
• Zero Friction Blank outer finish that repels moisture and water drops, thus avoiding line
• Hybrid Tip made with the insertion of spineless solid carbon tip into tubular part, obtaining
an extremely sensitive section
• The final part of the tip is coloured with hi-viz paint and reflective tape
• A special Tape Grip has been applied to the joints to provide grip during the assembly and
dismantling operations
• Best for using with Braided lines Neo X8 Nage Pro Surf
• Titanium frame Sea Guide SiC guides, very light and corrosion free
• Each guide is fixed by double wrapping to seal the feet against corrosion and salt
• Stainless steel Fuji NS7 plate reel seat, with removable central cover host large size reels
• Exclusive butt grip made from ribbed rubber, with round butt cap to ensure a good grip
during the cast

On the butt section, the special 45° gradient of the upper carbon
layers is clearly visible. It counteracts torsion in the blank, protecting
it from breakage but mainly increasing casting distance and accuracy,
because the longitudinal carbon fibers and rod’s guides keep their
alignment during the cast. So Supernova performs like a knife, rather

than - in a mess - like a whip.

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