Synum pro waggler 420 25g

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Within the renewed Sygnum range, this series has a special role, thanks to its dual identity. Favors and funs lovers of the most traditional English action, known as Waggler in the UK, with a gentle curve which safely controls the most important fish even with light lines. Tackles the relatively short fishing distances with the ability to fully absorb the strike’s efforts, which otherwise would dangerously overload the hooklink. The CX-1 Micro Pitch carbon blank makes it belong to elite class match rods, because in action it develops an unexpected reactivity, higher than imagined at the time of purchase. The rings are reliable, with the SiC ring and a rigid frame; the handle comes from an ultra-classic design, with natural cork artfully shaped and reinforced by an hybrid zone at the lower end.

Code: 157-71-420
Length: 13,8' / 4,20m.
Cl.length: 145cm.
Weight: 190gr.
Sections: 3
C.W.: 8-25gr.
Guides: SIC
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