Trabucco Genius CRX36 SEAT BOX 116-13-050

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CRX 36

Tubular aluminium frame • Swivelling mud feet' Padded pole gel seat • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap

It is certainly the most sophisticated and complete of the Genius X36, because it offers a multitude of spaces for rigs, accessories and terminal tackle. Starting from the bottom, you will find the base of 13 cm, common to all models.
Then a pair of front drawers, a side-scrolling drawer and finally a standard 4-centimeter drawer. Included is the padded shoulder strap.

Today, 36 mm legs are in high demand for superior stability and the chance to accept all the accessories in the Connect and Clamp On ranges. A very, very interesting range of seatboxes which stands for the general quality and customization options, created to fulfill the space between the fantastic high-end products and more elementary fishing seats.
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Trabucco Genius CRX36 116-13-050

Other boxes and accessories available


Available separately, the aluminium footplate applies indiscriminately to all five Genius with 36 mm legs, and is of the sliding type.

In addition to it, there are two different sort of cushions and two types of legs, one with fixed length and the other telescopic

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The seatboxes within GENIUS X36 LIGHT range share drawers with those of the GNT X36 MATCH
(S36 and H36). They include a front draw module and side draw module and one offering both

Interesting the two new modules: one with side-scrolling drawer and the other
with a combination of side drawer plus two frontal ones

116-71-010 Genius Box Module H40
116-71-020 Genius Box Module H80 2x Front Drawers
116-71-030+ Genius Box Module H80 1x Side Drawer
116-71-040 + Genius Box Cross Drawers 2+1

video for brx version here

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