Whips 2.5 to 4.5m XTR Dream Team Alborella NEW 2020

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Trabucco 2020 Alborella set of 5 whips 2.5 to 4.5m

The silver fish population grows all over the UK , with specimens that easily exceed 50 grams of

weight. More than ever, it’s important to have rods that can deal with small and big

fish during the same match, which is why we developed the Dream Team with particular

enthusiasm and attention to details. The action is fast, with the sensitive tip free from

oscillations when lifting the fish. The top cap, soft EVA, has a longitudinal groove to get the

with rig on.
The rods are available individually,

contains five rods but has ten spaces to allow the replacement of a full set

Dream Team XPS Alborella 2020 version series is here available as set of 5 rods

.In order to protect it during transport, the set is supplied with a padded holdall, which can contain the whole series of rods.

fine carbon solid tip
sensi touch handles to keep clean after the match
ultralight butt cap

2.5 wt 60g

3.00 wt 90g
3.5m wt 110g
4.00 wt 135g
4.5 wt 165 g

listing at £149.99 which is brilliant value for high quality whips.

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