X ray racing spinning finesse and Tube 8 - 15lb KLH MICRO GUIDES

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Oriented to competition, this high level single-section rod series has been developed in cooperation with the Rapture Team and world champion Marco Iseppi. Five models for spinning and four for casting to cover all the specific needs of Italian and European Bassmen. Every and each model has been independently designed for a single technique or for two similar techniques. We took maniac care of every and each detail to obtain one of the best rod for Pro Bass Anglers. The blanks, sensitive and reactive, are super reliable, standing the strongest stresses and strikes. Genuine Fuji reel seat. The high grade EVA handle is split, to reduce the already small weight of the blank and make it super balanced. C691H & C731XH The spiral guide’s assembly is able to evenly distribute the stress around the blank. Guides are prime grade SiC and can be used with braided lines even in thinnest diameters. The maximum attention to details, the X logo engraved in the inner part of the butt cap while the EVA edge is designed to protect the rod butt from scratches and use. SPINNING CASTING The new Japanese multi-directional SX-4 Nano-technology carbon cloth is able to offer tremendous performance, enhancing the casting accuracy and playing action. To build them, Rapture in cooperation with Toray®, developed a special Carbon tissue named SX4 Carbon Cloth – Nano Technology. This material is made of the purest high modulus carbon fibres, bonded by the a small quantity of resins, and molecularly woven to create a sort of wrapping tissue where fibres are positioned at 45° and 135°. This peculiar positioning at given angles is able to distribute the stress and loads along the whole surface of the blank, making the rod strongest than ever.

FINESSE - DROP & SPLIT SHOT Specific for search fishing with Drop Shot and Split Shot style, it offers a very fast body and sensitive top, to never miss the contact with the bait

126-07-500 Finesse - Drop & Split Shot A 6'6"-1,98 m 1 X-Fast ML 1/8 – 1/2 oz 6-12lb 9 KLH Micro SiC

RACING - FINESSE & TUBE Accurately drives the Soft Baits - such as Worm and Tube - through the most intricate covers, but it is always ready for quick strikes even in topwater

126-07-600 Racing - Finesse & Tube A 6'7"-2,01 m 1 X-Fast M 1/8 – 1/2 oz 8-15lb 9 KLH Micro SiC

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