XTR MAG WHEEL SURF TROLLEY ex Italy - perfect for chesil

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Trabucco equipment trolley specifically designed for surfcasting and to move easily on the sand, extremely light and sturdy. Thanks to its aluminum structure made of large Tube

it allows you to easily load and transport all your equipment.

Transport in the car is facilitated by the easy removal of the wheels and the fold able shelf.

Thanks to its enormous low pressure wheels, it moves smoothly on the beach without sinking and on rocky terrain.

Comes disassembled and tyres will need inflation

Robustness and reliability are the right definitions for this Trolley

Now available by order from Italy

large capacity trolley that is quick and easy to setup

designed to carry tackle boxes, bait and other accessories from the car to the fishing mark.

Made from aluminium it is lightweight but incredibly strong

The Trolley will fold completely flat,

construction from aluminium it is light in weight,

retractable handle makes it easy to adjust the height for maximum comfort.

Tthe trolley is covered in a durable, sponge that is grips and keeps items secure.

18cm pneumatic wheels make this a go to anywhere loading trolley.

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