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Castforce CX Beach 5500 weight 375g Carbon body specialist Beach casting reel

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Castforce CX Beach 5500

Specialist Surf casting reel

For all those light fishing sessions

There is a significant gap in the UK market for pure lightweight surf casting reels with multi quick change spools at low cost

Its not a big market admittedly as the UK prefers heavy surfcasting equipment at the expense of finesse but there's nothing better in feeling that 1 lb plaice pull back or even having a good scrap with a 2 lb Bass

Trabucco have the rods and reels , leaders monos and braid for these techniques and this is the lightest of the reels

Perfect for Chesil with 3 oz of lead or even Berrow sands for the sole and bass the reel as a lot of potential on light rods maximising the fun of fishing and not just reeling in

It can change spools quickly for braid or mono and is capable of mainline switches as the fishing session progresses with the strengthening tide maximising the catch rate

Extra light pure CX Carbon body and rotor
• Sealed stainless steel Long Life ball bearings
• Infinite anti reverse
• Double strength stainless steel main shaft
• Worm Shaft for a perfect line lay
• Slow spool oscillation
• Front drag with fast operating knob (Smart Drag)
• PTFE coated magnum drag washers
• Longcast aerospace grade aluminium spool
• 1x Longcast aluminium spare spool
• Oversized bail (Powerbail)
• Titanium coated Anti-Twist line roller
• Aluminium CNC handle with soft touch knob
Like Castforce Surf reels, also Castforce Beach can take advantage of the dedicated optional PTFE spool, available separately and
interchangeable on both the CX and XT models.

part number 035-29-550

Size + 5500

Weight 370

Gear ratio 4.7:1

Return of line 92 cm
Line capacity Ø 0,20 350m
Bearings 9+1

Spare PTFE spools to order

part number 035-28-010 + 5500 PTFE white
Ø 0.228
240 m

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