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Erion 6.0m bolognese rod X POWER 6006

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These new rods are particularly nice in every detail, as they
have been finished with same care normally reserved to high
grade models.

Erion x power

Perfect for sea and freshwater use for larger fish

A very stiff body and a medium soft top area are the main specifications
of the Erion Bolo Power action. The first one provides power
to cast the float rig at distance and safely drive the big fish to the
waiting landing net. The second one takes care of casting accuracy
and strike’s efficiency. Well programmed roles in a modern bolo,
destined to face the lakes and river streams, where it can also
easily catch trout, but even the sea rocks. The handle is tapered
as much as needed to grant power and strength, without excess
in diameters, and is brilliantly dressed by Sensi Touch finish: a
fantastic sensation of smoothness and the chance to easily clean
it at the end of a fishing session. Guides are medium-long framed
with “Y” shape to avoid vibrations.


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