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LEE WULFF Triangle taper fly lines 2 TONE CLASSIC YELLOW

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The Royal Wulff Two Tone Triangle Taper fly line has a dual colour design and delivers your flies with the greatest of delicacy with a special continuous forward taper for incredible presentation.

The triangle taper construction provides an effective energy transfer through your cast as it makes the heavier line turn over the lighter line. Your presentation is delicate and optimal as the weight of the line is kept away from your fly.

The long weighted section and the very light running line helps enhance distance and you can also cut back the tip end to alter the line to your desired performance level. This line also has a J3 coating which helps the line shoot better, float higher, repel water and lasting longer.

The coating is incredibly slick but has a dry feel which minimises resistance during longer casts and helps the line stay cleaner and slicker. Each end features welded loops for easy leader attachment and has a 90ft length with a 35ft-40ft taper and a 54ft-50ft running line.

The Royal Wulff Two Tone Triangle Taper is an Ivory/Yellow colour and is a floating line, available in various weights for you to choose from.

Dual colour design – ivory/yellow
Triangle taper for delicate presentation
J3 coating for durability and slickness
Welded loops front and back
90ft total length
35ft-40ft taper and a 54ft-50ft running line
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BRAND Royal Wulff Products

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