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Rapture Javelin 130cm long casting lure with micro lip

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Slim Jerk of perfect balance, thanks to
the distribution of the internal weights
that is able to make this lure really fly
likes a javelin, hence the name. The micro
lip and slim profile of the body allow
perfect jerking action, with an extremely
realistic and effective darting movement.
You cannot avoid to use this lure if you
are fishing for bass, bluefish or barracuda

Hooks : #06 VMC Permanent Steel
Running Depth : 0-0.5m
Buoyancy: Floating
COde : 180-05-2__
Length Wei ght
12.5cm 17.0g

41 / HSB
Holo Striped Blue
17 / GSRD
Green Sardine
44 / CHT
50 / BS
Black Silver
77 / SBD
Silver Blue Dotted
86 / GM
Grey Mullet

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