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Trabucco Xhiron Surf 8000 new 2021 2 spare spools colour coded

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Trabucco Xhiron SD is a new class and design of reel specifically designed for long distance casting across a range of conditions by coming with 3 spools for braid or monofilament in different stengths to cope with all conditions

slatwater proofed with a large spool size for frictionless casting with a smart drag fast operating system for those large fish

100cm of line per turn of spool ensures a fast retrieve

High strength X-Tra Tough body and rotor
• Sealed stainless steel Long Life ball bearings
• Infinite antireverse
• Double strength stainless steel main shaft
• Worm Shaft for a perfect line lay
• Slow spool oscillation
• Front drag with fast operating knob (Smart Drag)
• PTFE coated magnum drag washers
• Longcast aerospace grade aluminium spool
• 2x Longcast PTFE spare spools
• Oversized bail (Powerbail)
• Titanium coated Anti-Twist line roller
• Aluminium CNC handle with soft touch knob

Xhiron SD is equipped with
two additional PTFE spools,
of different colour, ultralight
and with the same line
capacity as the main aluminum

035-24-080 8000 550g 4,6 :1 100 cm 550 g 2 PTFE 6+1

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